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PaidVerts Weekly News - week 3

·         Sunday 5.10.2014
Ø  New programmers
§  Paul, Dutch programmer, Daniels friend
·         Paul might start working full time for MTV soon.
·         Daniel contacted friend that might do some freelance work for us.
·         Dutch programmer applied for job at MTV but before we accept him we will test his programing skills with Blackjack rebuild project.
Ø  14 day cashout rule
§  14 day cashout rule has been fixed. But let me tell you what cashout rule and how will it effect you as user. Basically it’s a rule that will be applied after you deposit on your account, all payment methods beside one you deposited with will be blocked for 14 days.

·         Monday 6.10.2014
Ø  New homepage
§  Finally our new homepage for guests is installed, you can check it out at if you are logged out, else you can see it here.
Ø  Forum posts addition
§  New button has been added to forum that will show you last 20 forum posts.

Ø  Banners pricing for MTV ads
§  The new pricing for banners placed on MTV are now $10/day for side banners and $1/hour for top banners.
Ø  Multi-lingual
§  PV is moving towards becoming multi-lingual and that means we are translating it in many different languages as soon as all the text strings are collected into one file.

Ø  Shareholders weekly cash dividends
§  Turnover Last Week:     $56,000.00
§  Shareholder Cut (19%): $10,640.00
§  Dividend Per Share:       $0.00028

·         Tuesday 7.10.2014
Ø  Shareholders marketplace
§  Shareholders marketplace will get change of two things with in it. First one is fee being reduced from 3% to 0.25% and other thing is making our marketplace instant instead manual.
Ø  Programing  priorities (copied from email sent to programmers):
§  Wrap up Fast Traffic Ads... just to get that out the way. I don’t think that will be a game changer / generate anything special in terms of revenues. But it'll be a nice little supplement. And precursor to our fully targeted ads.


1) Multiplayer Draw Poker...
This will be a giant leap forward for this business; and has the potential to be an incredible revenue maker (debt remover). So we really need to get on this ASAP.

2) A few small tasks;
- Slow portfolio queries to cache like we do the results pages etc.
- Gaming Summaries in the admin user profiles; this will be real interesting to have the info all in one place.
- New Email templates
- Big Investor Lists... this info is already calculated; just needs showing.

- New Login process
- Cashouts confirmed via email
- Two Factor stuff /// Google Authenticator /// paid security upgrades (good revenue maker, profiting from fear)

4) Shareholder Control Panel.
This will be a very cool addition to our company; and will really help oversee everything. And should be a good precursor to a support staff environment.... And generally making MTV so transparent; that nobody (even with privilages) can cheat the system. As it'll all be in plain site.

5) The Gaming Investment Plan
This could be incredibly popular.... "risk free gambling"
People have gotta love that. And the competition nature it has should be fun.... And it should result in a bucket load of gaming revenues to really make the most of our existing games (as you adapt each one for this plan)


We need to build the targeted ads system for PV. That'll be a big build; but if we give people enough targeting options -- this could actually appeal to genuine advertisers. And is targeted enough that advertisers will choose it over the Bulk Ads option.

And we need to get back to games development. We haven't added a new game in ages. And we've still got to install Pyramid Solitaire, fix Shut The Box, Rebuild Blackjack etc.

There's tones to do...
We need to get busy ASAP!

·         Wednesday 8.10.2014
Ø  PayPal screenshot J

Ø  Debt cleared
§  We have cleared 1.9 million BAP by selling PV shares.
Ø  Mentysis and Infomodel
§  Mentysis is doing bunch of design work for us and warping up about us page, we will also install his FAQ and also he is working on some banners and email templates.
§  Infomodel is also talking about helping us work on a dashboard for potential advertisers once we get targeted ads up and running, he is thinking about all sorts of graphs and statistics for that area.

·         Friday 9.10.2014
Ø  Reward for finding a security exploit
§  If you find a security exploit within MTV/PV and you tell us about it (without first trying to spend/cashout your illgotten gains – we’ll give you $100!
Ø  Column on shareholders list page
§  We have added column on the shareholders list page to show everyones stake in MTV, find it at:
Ø  Proven traffic value
§  New proven traffic vale calculation is now calculated like this: Current BAP * $0.0005 + Account Balances + Shares @ Current Rate + Active Fast Track Queue Investments (186/250)
·         Friday 10.10.2014
Ø  Not much news today
§  But we are all eagerly waiting for any new upgrade/update from programers.
·         Saturday 11.10.2014
Ø  About the programmers
§   We are chasing up the programmers, to see why our development pace has been so slow this last week. And pushing them to find us more programmers / give us more productivity / encourage one of them to setup their own programming company. So they can vet + hire / resell 10+ guys; and give MTV the coding output we're craving.
Ø  New banners
§  Entirely new banner set for MTV in next day or two thanks to Mentysis.


·         Broken Records
Ø  Nothing new this week.


·         Multiplayer games ideas by Mriley
Ø  2 players game ideas (few suggestions)
§  Battleship
§  Connect Four
§  Scrabble
§  Aggravation
§  Yahtzee

And this is it for week 3 of our weekly news by Domen97. I hope you guys like it I don’t know if I forgot anything but I believe I got in all important stats and information’s about PV/MTV this week.

Have a great weekend.

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